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Building Partnerships to Propel Odisha as a Global Leader in Urban Development

Bhubaneswar(10/07/2024): Dr.Krushna Chandra Mahapatra, Minister of Housing & Urban Development, convened a pivotal interactive session on i at the Conference Hall of SUDA, Bhubaneswar.
The session brought together senior officials including G Mathivathanan, Additional Chief Secretary, and esteemed development partners of the Housing & Urban Development department. The meeting served as a platform to celebrate and reflect upon the achievements stemming from collaborative efforts between the department and its partners.
The partners were recognized for their integral role in nurturing an innovative ecosystem within the department, crucial for addressing the ever-evolving challenges of urban development. In his address, G Mathivathanan highlighted the invaluable support provided by partners, emphasizing their contributions in terms of knowledge, technical expertise, and resources.
He underscored the significance of continuous learning and innovation in advancing urban development goals in Odisha. Minister Dr.Mahapatra commended the dedication and contributions of the department's partners, stressing their pivotal role in his vision to enhance the quality of life in urban areas across Odisha.
He articulated his ambitious goal of positioning Odisha as a global leader in urban development, leveraging robust partnerships to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. The session concluded on a note of optimism and commitment to further strengthen partnerships, aiming for tangible improvements in urban infrastructure and quality of life throughout the state.