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Artful Happiness at Kalinga Kids School

Bhubaneswar (12/05/2024): In a bid to connect the body, mind and soul through yoga, mandala therapy, and manifestation, organic dance and meditation, Artful Happiness (a pioneering initiative that was established by three close friends - Pooja, Niharika, and Nikita) was held at Kalinga Kids School in Bhubaneswar.
The group's primary objective is to support individuals in their pursuit of self-discovery and holistic well-being.
To achieve this goal, the group offers a diverse range of activities and learning workshops that enable individuals to explore and discover their inner selves from different angles. The group's offerings, including yoga, mandala therapy, manifestation, and organic dance meditation, unite the mind, body, and soul.
The workshops cater to both children (aged above 10 years) and adults and aim to provide a comprehensive approach towards leading a fulfilling and happy life. Artful Happiness is committed to creating a secure and inclusive environment for everyone, where individuals can learn, grow, and connect with one another.
If you are seeking to explore your inner self and connect with like-minded individuals, Artful Happiness might be an excellent place for you to start your journey. In conclusion, Artful Happiness is a unique and innovative initiative that is dedicated to supporting individuals in their pursuit of a happy and fulfilling life.
The activities and workshops have been designed to empower individuals and enable them to connect with their inner selves on a deeper level.