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Bringing the magic of cinema to visually impaired students

Bhubaneswar(10/05/2024): In an effort to ensure that the joy and wonder of cinema are accessible to all, WE4YOU Charitable Trust has made an initiative "Movie Time," that aimed at providing visually impaired students with an immersive movie experience.
Here our VI students experienced the screening of movie “ SRIKANTH “ that talks about life journey of Srikanth Bhola, a visually impaired person who after so many struggle became the first blind entrepreneur of India.
This event was supported by Roundtable India BRT 53 and Mayank Enterprises.
The students were taken to Keshari Talkies, Bhubaneswar to have the beautiful movie experience. Movies have the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and ignite our imagination.
However, for visually impaired individuals, traditional movie screenings often present barriers to full enjoyment.
Recognizing this disparity, WE4YOU has collaborated with local schools for the visually impaired to create a tailored cinematic experience that caters to the unique needs of these students. Here around 200 students from different schools and colleges had participated from different corners of the state. A member of the Trust said, "We believe that everyone, regardless of ability, should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of storytelling through film. WE4YOU Charitable Trust is committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in all aspects of our society, and "Movie Time" is just one of the many initiatives we are undertaking to create a more equitable world for individuals with disabilities.".