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State Level Consultation on Building Discourse on Women-Centered Maternal Health Care

Bhubaneswar (29/03/2024): Voluntary organization SAHAYOG had organized a state-level consultation themed "Building Discourse on Women-centered Maternal Health Care" at Redcross bhavan conference Bhubaneswar.
The event showcased research findings conducted by the organization in partnership with CommonHealth, a coalition dedicated to reproductive health.
With a track record of advocating for enhanced sexual and reproductive healthcare to elevate women's well-being, the coalition is reshaping conversations surrounding women's health.
Emphasizing a maternal healthcare approach centered on women, the coalition actively fosters discussions on this critical topic.
To grasp women's viewpoints, CommonHealth conducted a qualitative study across nine locations in India, focusing on marginalized communities.
In contrast, SAHAYOG conducted comprehensive qualitative interviews specifically with women from the Shabar community in Khordha District.
Held at the Conference Hall Red Cross in Bhubaneswar, the event welcomed participants from various sectors to exchange insights on improving maternal health from a women's perspective.
Chaired by Gouranga Mohapatra, the State convener of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, the meeting commenced with an introduction by Secretary Bijayalaxmi Rauatray.
In the initial session, Rautaray outlined the study led by CommonHealth since 2006, spanning nine locations in India with support from nine partners.
SAHAYOG, as a study collaborator, conducted research in Khordha district, focusing on Shabar tribal community women, and organized three consultations involving 63 women of reproductive age.
Employing qualitative methods such as Role Play, free listing, and FGD, the study aimed to gather insights into women's experiences during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, alongside their expectations and preferences regarding maternal healthcare.
Insights from frontline workers underscored challenges and anticipations related to maternal healthcare, advocating for a shift to a more responsive, woman-centered approach.
The study's outcomes, evaluated by a national expert panel, underscored the need for policy and program adjustments at a broader scale.
Subsequent to the presentations, an open discussion, moderated by Sadasib Swain Secretary CCWD, focused on outlining the next steps to advance women-centric healthcare.
Spearheaded by Sripati Mahapatra and Gouranga Mahapatra, the second session explored how civil societies, frontline workers, and health volunteers can collectively bolster pregnant women, fostering a supportive and empowering atmosphere to enhance maternal well-being.
The stakeholders unveiled a concise report from the study, committing to sensitizing communities, women, and service providers to transform the narrative surrounding pregnant women from mere cases or patients.
The program culminated with a vote of thanks from Bulbul Swain, a member of CommonHealth and Secretary of Surakshya organization.