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Let's do something for stray animals & birds

Bhubaneswar(10/06/2023/By Sai Swarup): Impact of climate change is visible everywhere and it is equally affecting every corner of the world.
Human greed has put every other animals, insects, plants and the entire bio-diversity is at stake.Stray animals and dogs are the worst affected this summer.
In the last couple of days the heat has become unbearable. Those who could afford to live in climate-controlled environments can’t think of how it feels living in such harsh climatic conditions. The ecosystem has become uninhabitable for most of the stray animals forcing them to find places of respite from the scorching heat. In the cities, it is becoming utterly difficult for animals to have access to food as the open vegetation is declining very fast and the water bodies are gradually vanishing from a city like Bhubaneswar. A vast majority of street animals are struggling to escape blistering temperatures and dehydration. Many of them are dying without proper food, water and dehydration.
There are many nature care activists and animal loving and animal caring people living in Bhubaneswar. So, we should influence the local administration to make necessary arrangements for food, water, shelter and care for all the stray animals. We can keep bird feeders, birdbaths, drinking water pots and food pots for stray animals at different locations where people can extend their service voluntarily. This is nothing new as an idea. In many parts of the country, we see people are doing it voluntarily, be it Delhi or Gujarat. By doing so we can at least save many animals and birds from the brink of dehydration and death. While roaming around the twin city, I came across many instances where dogs, cows and even poor people are sheltering beneath tress, just to beat the unbearable heat. Poor people without ACs at their home are finding different ways like taking bath multiple times, going to the river, drinking something cold, etc.
But think about the animals and birds.
So this summer let us do something for animals and birds. (The writer is nature lover and a student of Class X at DAV Public School,Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar).