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Hustle and bustle at .FEST's Flea Market marks 11th Day of the festival

Bhubaneswar(25/01/2023): With live music performances concluding yesterday with the final Bhubaneshwar Live concert, Day 11 of the DoT FEST witnessed heavy footfall at Bhubaneswar's very own Night Flea Market.
A record number of people showed up at the flea market, which featured more than 120 stalls offering everything ranging from local handloom and handicraft items to wooden artefacts, jewellery and even women's clothing.
It was a remarkable night where regional artists, start-ups, performers, makers, and creators dazzled the visitors with their creativity and artistic brilliance. The Flea Market, which was founded with the intention of displaying the handicrafts and textiles of Odisha, remained the major highlight of Day 11 of the DoT FEST.
Stalls like Simple Crazies, Urbanomad, Punjab Jutti Store, Tanveer from Himachal, Traditional Aura-Varanasi and Red Ochre in particular proved to be wonderful crowd-pullers as they saw visitors line up to purchase their favourite goodies.
The Flea market made business worth around 7 lakhs on 24th January, which highlights.FEST has provided regional entrepreneurs with an opportunity like never before. Not just the regional entrepreneurs, the.FEST has also given a platform to local and tribal artists to showcase their talents like Dance, Music, Magic, etc.
Performers from all trends of the state showcased their art at the 3 stages placed in the 3 zones at the Flea Market.
Tribal performances like, Dhuduki, Dhap, Jodishanka, Ras along with local bands, singers and dancers performed throughout the.FEST.