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Anxiety Reducing Treatment for Children at Saveetha Dental College

Chennai(23/01/2023): Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences, but when it becomes excessive and interferes with daily activities, it can be considered an anxiety disorder.
Dental anxiety and fear is a major challenge in children, and it can manifest in various forms such as separation anxiety, social anxiety, and specific phobias.
This dental anxiety could influence during dental treatment and the child becomes uncooperative. Nitrous oxide oxygen inhalation, also known as laughing gas, is a type of conscious sedation that can be effective in managing dental fear and anxiety in children.
It can increase children's cooperation level and decrease their perception of pain during dental treatment. It can also reduce the psychological and physiological stress of treatment.
In many cases, the use of laughing gas has been successful in helping over 90% of pediatric patients overcome their dental fear and anxiety.
Pedodontics department at Saveetha Dental College is well-equipped to provide dental treatment to patients using Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen inhalation (NOIS) as a form of conscious sedation. The use of this equipment has been beneficial in reducing anxiety levels in patients and in facilitating successful completion of procedures.
Patients report feeling comfortable and relieved during treatment and give positive feedback afterwards, even requesting sedation for their next visit.
NOIS is also known to have minimal side effects and is more affordable compared to rehabilitation under General Anesthesia.
This is all great news for patients, as it will make their dental experience less stressful and more comfortable .