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Bachpanites Honour Deaf-Mute Communities on International Day of Sign Languages Through Engaging Activities

New Delhi(29/09/2022): Bachpan, the country's most renowned nursery school, commemorated International Day of Sign Languages with a variety of activities at its school. As a homage to all the deaf-mute communities, students of Bachpan Play School sang all the lines of the song "Don't Give Up On Me" by Andy Grammer in sign language.
The Bachpanites raised awareness of the beauty of sign language through their performance of the lovely song. In addition to this, the teachers instructed more than 1.5 lakh youngsters in sign language fundamentals at more than 1100 Bachpan Play Schools to eliminate any barriers that may have emerged due to a lack of sign language expertise.
The students were able to converse with members of the deaf-mute population after learning the fundamentals of sign language.
Moreover, Bachpan schools are keen to promote sincere interpersonal relationships. The Bachpanites welcomed Aadhya Bhatt, a six-year-old child with multiple disabilities, including muteness.
The Bachpanites made Aadhya's day extra memorable by performing for her in sign language.
Furthermore, the award-winning school fosters and appreciates unconditional friendship and compassion among its scholars. "I am very proud that we are teaching Bachpanites to be prejudice-free and always open to love and kindness.
Equal opportunities must be provided to the hearing-impaired community.
This is only possible when acceptance happens.
The International Day of Sign Languages provided us again with an opportunity to educate our children via excitement and activities," added Ajay Gupta, Founder and CEO of Bachpan Play School. The date for the inaugural International Day of Sign Languages was established by the UN General Assembly.
The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the sign languages that are used to defend the civil rights of the deaf among the general public.
The purpose of languages is to facilitate communication, and observing this day highlights the commonalities between the sign languages used by deaf people .