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Commissionerate Police issues instructions to DJs & orchestra groups over use of loudspeakers during Durga Puja

Bhubaneswar(23/09/2022): The Commissionerate Police on Friday issued instructions to Band/DJs, orchestra groups and organizers over use of loudspeakers during Durga Puja. As per the guidelines, audio systems should be fitted with sound limiters.
Sound output at mandaps and immersion ceremony should not exceed 65 decibel.
One band and one music party will be allowed and no extra set will be permitted during immersion ceremony.
Use of number of sound boxes by the music party should be limited to 4-5 during Dusshera. The Band/DJ and music parties registered in the office of the DCP Bhubaneswar and Cuttack will be allowed.
No music shall be played within the radius of 100 meters of silent zones-school, college, hospital and court.
The time and route given to the procession should be strictly followed by the Band/DJ and music parties.
In no circumstances, the Band/DJ and music parties shall perform on National Highways and in areas where prohibitory orders under Section 144 CRPC is promulgated.
No focus or flash lights will be used by the Band/DJ and music parties in the processions.
Maximum six number of trolleys should be used during immersion procession .