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Odisha's seasoned producer Nrusinghanath Nanda gears up for new English movie “The Missing Couple”

Bhubaneswar(23/09/2022): Odisha-based seasoned Film Producer Nrusinghanath Nanda has once again brought laurels to the state by making an exciting announcement by listing the project he will be working on in mid of November this year. This time, Nrusinghanath Nanda is coming up with another English movie titled as “The Missing Couple” in association with another Bhubaneswar-based producer Hara Prasad Sahu.
The film, mainly shot in Los Angeles, is full of suspense and action.
It is based on an investigation into the disappearance of an American couple from Thailand. The movie tells the story of a couple who went missing while attempting to make a documentary on a sex worker of Thailand.
They got involved in an unpredictable situation that causes their disappearance and takes two journalists to Thailand to investigate the matter. The project will be shot in mid of November 2022 in Thailand where most of the action part will be displayed, followed by an LA shoot in December 2022. For predominantly water action sequences, a trained expert has been hired.
The release of the movie has been planned for the month of June next year. Hailing from Hinjili in Ganjam district, Nrusinghanath Nanda, a successful film producer, has done several Indian (regional and Hindi films) and his production company has been producing movies for the last 10 years.
For the first time, his company is associated with producing a Hollywood film with Film Director Jaimin Bal. Nanda says, "We have a strong belief that a good response will be received from the movie lovers of India and abroad.".