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No district of Odisha received deficient rainfall this monsoon season

Bhubaneswar(22/09/2022): The intensity of rainfall is likely to gradually decrease in Odisha from today September 13). According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), no district of the state received deficient rainfall this monsoon season.
Out of 30 districts, 5 of them have recorded excess rainfall while 25 districts have received normal rainfall. Odisha has recorded 1153.3 mm of seasonal rain till September 21 as against the normal of 1099.9 mm of rain.
The state has received 5 percent excess rainfall this season. The IMD revealed that 206 out of 703 districts of India received deficient rainfall (-20 percent to -59 percent) or large deficient rainfall (-60 percent to -99 percent). Around 40 percent of districts have recorded normal rainfall this season and 27 percent deficient.
The monsoon rainfall of the country is 7 percent more overall than what is normal.