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Bachpan Play School Commemorated Nutrition Day to Teach Students the Value of Healthy Eating

New Delhi(12/09/2022): Bachpan Play School, India's award-winning preschool education provider, commemorated Nutrition Week started from September 1 till September 7 to coincide with National Nutrition Week, with this year's theme being "Celebrate A World of Flavours".
The purpose of this week was to raise awareness among the students about the value of healthy eating practices and proper nutrition for upholding a healthy lifestyle. With the aim of promoting the overall development of their students where health and nutrition play a vital role, Bachpan Play School planned food related games and activities in an effort to educate the students on the importance of proper nutrition in line with the theme. Adding to the observance of Nutrition Day, Ajay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bachpan Play School, commented, "When I think about health, what comes to my mind is the popular saying: Health is Wealth.
Teaching our Bachpanites the value of health involves teaching them the value of nutrition.
Nutrition is a broad concept I understand.
At the same time, it is also an abstract concept for young minds.
But it is essential that kids know about healthy eating habits and what counts as healthy.
Nutrition Week was around the corner, so our schools got ready well in advance, and behold, what we have come up with! There were so many interesting activities in line that there was no way my Bachpanites do not opt for nutrient-rich foods as well as increase their educational outcomes!" The nation's leading play school always plans extraordinary and fun activities—Nutrition Week was not going to be any different.
This year, the play school organized exciting activities for the students, including field trips to grocery stores or fruit markets.
Apart from this, a food tasting and food sorting sessions held at the school.
Bachpan had a healthy food fancy dress activity.
The highlight of the week remained a live Bachpan vegetable and food market.