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Mental hygiene is need of the hour

Bhubaneswar(13/05/2022/Article By Social activist Jyotirmayee Mohapatra): World wide every year more about 800,000 people die by suicide.
According to WHO ( World Health Organisation), in India suicide is an emerging and serious public issue.
153,052 Indian committed suicide during 2020 and the Nation rate was 11.3 ( calculated per lakh of population).
Besides suicide violence at home, family disturbances, killing near and dear ones break up in many relations etc many issues because of poor state of mind or lack of mental hygiene . The Coronavirus crisis has been a major blow to our spirits and now millions of people over the World are showing signs of psychological stress due to the fights against COVID_19.
Good mental hygiene gives us balance health and wellbeing in our day to day lives.
Mental hygiene is the science of maintaining mental health and preventing disorders to help people function at their full potential.
It includes all measures taken to promote and preserve mental health , rehabilitation of the mentally disturbed, prevention of mental illness and aid coping in a stressful world.
Even simple self care activity can be part of an effective mental hygiene routine.
Listening to calming or upbeat music, talking about your feelings with friends or family and keeping your mind busy in doing some activity you love to do.
Mental hygiene practices could be 1.Talking about your feelings, which can help you stay in good mental health. 2.Keep yourself active. 3.Eat well. 4.Keep in touch with each and everyone u enjoy spending time. 5.Ask for help during need. 6.Take a break. 7.Accept who you are. 8.Care for others. 9.Do something you are good at. 10.Mingle with others , do not keep yourself isolated etc.
Mental hygiene aims at the harmonious development of the physical, mental and spiritual capacities of the individual.
So that he may promptly adjust to his social environment and can contribute to the welfare of the society.
The last goal of mental hygiene is to prepare the individual for effective existence in the society.
Mental health is regarded as a condition of the individual relative to the capacities and social environmental context of that person.
Mental hygiene includes all measures taken to promote and to preserve mental health.