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Grownet, a one-step solution for polymer industry

New Delhi(17/01/2022): Finding jobs is a challenging task these days.
With so much competition around, it becomes almost impossible to find jobs which suits us best.
But you need not worry anymore.
An Indian start-up introduced an application which does more than just providing jobs. Grownet, the name itself says it all.
A multipurpose application for the polymer industry where one can find resources for their businesses.
It’s a one stop solution for industries dealing in plastic and polymers where they can find jobs and upload products for marketing. The application is divided into three phases for it to run harmoniously.
The phases are Trade, Connect and Educate.
Trade- Under this section one can trade all kinds of polymers such as recycled, reinforced, reproduce and virgin polymers for businesses. Connect- This section provides connectivity within the industry.
In this section one may connect for money, machinery or manpower.
The application connects with financial institutions in order to provide fundings to companies as per the requirement.
It also connects people/businesses who are in need of machinery.
One just needs to list the machines installed in the factory and the person who needs it may utilize them.
In addition to that it provides technical information of various polymer gadgets where one can get all the information in just their fingertips.
The application can also help in connection with management and man labour by allowing manpower contractors and educational institutes to enrol themselves with their skills and knowledge helping in maximum reach to employers of plastic and polymers industry. Educate- Under the educate section one can explore knowledge, gain skills and competency about the polymer industry where blogs are updated from the team regarding market trends, polymer related topics.
Any questions or queries regarding it are answered by interacting with experts from the industry. The company aims to help and support in managing polymer and plastic business with best available resources at affordable cost.
The application is available for both Android and IOS. The vision is to bring business in the country from overseas and within without capital expenditure.
We aim to enlarge the industry’s top line through sales and bottom line through cheaper funds, manpower, materials, etc., said Dhanish Goyal, Founder and CEO of Grownet ----------- .