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Jindal Bricks announces entry into Southern market with launch of experience store in Bangalore

Bhubaneswar(17/01/2022): Jindal Bricks, a leading manufacturer of machine-made bricks, unglazed ceramic cladding tiles, brick pavers & hollow blocks in India, has announced its expansion into the South market with the launch of an experience store in Bangalore.
In addition, it has also partnered with a number of distributors to help make the products available in different sections of the southern market. The store is set to open its doors in the first quarter of 2022 and will showcase a range of products by Jindal, with the three major categories of products being:Cladding tiles, available in textured, non-textured, antique, and dual-tone variants, Paver tiles, available in various sizes and colours and multi-hole and hollow bricks, also available in several colours and textures The store is intended to give consumers an opportunity to get a feel of the products directly and will cater to end-users, builders, and hoteliers.
A number of prominent architects and designers will be invited to the launch, so they can experience the products first hand, and then use them accordingly in their projects. One of the key strengths of Jindal Bricks is the fact that most of its products are completely sustainable, and are manufactured using energy-efficient materials and processes, while also offering enhanced sound and temperature insulation.
This is also evident from the E3 certification recently awarded to Jindal Bricks by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, in the category of Market Transformation Initiative for Energy Efficiency in the Burnt-Clay Brick Sector. As a result, the store will be positioned to offer “tiles of the future”, merging convenience and versatility with flexibility and cost efficiency, available in a variety of shapes and colours.
Additionally, the organisation is uniquely aligned with the Make in India campaign, offering a variety of innovative products especially attuned to the needs of the evolving Indian manufacturer. The southern market has been expanding at a rapid rate, with a high demand for real estate development, both residential and commercial in nature.
As a result, the market is ripe for the entry of brick tiles, being conventionally known for the use of indigenous products like limestone, granite, and more.
This is exactly the segment that Jindal plans to capture, by introducing exposed brick tiles for interior and exterior construction, which offer both aesthetic appeal and enhanced durability, insulation, and easy installation.
Furthermore, Jindal’s distribution and retail partners are selected based on their forward-looking outlook, and ability to match up to the modern needs and preferences of the changing customer. Once the store is set up and customers have had a chance to experience the products for themselves, Jindal would further continue its innovation and research to develop unique products that meet their specific needs and demands.
This is intended to help expand not only the reach and market presence of Jindal Bricks, but also establish them as the premier construction partner for consumers in the southern market, a huge proponent of the construction and real estate industry in India. Lakshay Jindal, Director and CMO of Jindal Bricks, said, “Over the past few years, the demand for terracotta products in the southern part of India has been increasing at a considerable rate.
It is remarkable how these products are being used in many luxury projects in South India.
The Bangalore store will give the architects and designers an opportunity to get a better feel of the products.” .