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Odisha government issues guidelines for hospitals

Bhubaneswar(14/01/2022): The Odisha government has issued fresh guidelines for medical colleges and hospitals in view of the spike in COVID-19 cases.
The purpose of the guidelines is to decongest the facilities and ensure healthcare personnel and non-COVID patients do not get infected. As per the latest COVID protocol for the healthcare facilities, non-essential admission is to be avoided, all elective surgeries are to be stopped and emergency surgeries need to be taken up with universal precautions.
In indoor, one attendant is to be allowed for serious patient and no attendant will be allowed inside the ward for ambulatory patient.
In OPD, the medical officer should avoid advising frequent revisit of the patient if not required.
Media may not be allowed inside the OPD and IPD.
People are to be encouraged to utilize existing telemedicine services for their ailments .