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EasyGov announces innovative enhancements to its white-labelled digital solution

New Delhi(05/01/2022): EasyGov (Surajya Services Ltd.) on Wednesday announced innovative enhancements to its white-labelled digital solution.
EasyGov, a start-up in the GovTech space, is working towards transformation in the design and delivery of social protection programmes.
Currently, social protection programmes worldwide suffer from the error of inclusion/exclusion despite policy planners working hard to refine the design and implementation within governance.
EasyGov’s latest product enhancement, the need score calculator, attempts to resolve this problem using auditable and explainable Artificial Intelligence.
The need score computed here is an indicator of the requirement of social protection net by an individual and can provide an insight into the error of inclusion/exclusion of the beneficiaries.
The same can also be implemented for families to determine health, housing, education, livelihood, and overall error of inclusion/exclusion.
This AI model can emerge as a path-breaking and unique solution for family-centric and progressive social protection.
Amit Shukla, Founder & CEO, EasyGov said, “Government welfare should be transformed from program-centric to family-centric and progressive social protection intervention.
The objective of social protection interventions should be to understand the unique needs of each family and support them with minimum health, housing, education, and food needs.
The livelihood interventions should help families to come out of the social protection net.
Who is the beneficiary?’ is the first and foundation step for this transformation.
A person identified as eligible (as per the scheme guideline), verified, and needier among eligible applicants is the beneficiary to be served.” EasyGov strictly adheres to the global standards for data protection and privacy principles.
The domain expertise and tech chops have helped EasyGov establish strategic partnerships with many large technology firms such as SAP.
Citizens' need to know about the welfare schemes is evident from the number of citizens using the eligibility engine for welfare schemes and jobs on the EasyGov mini-app on MyJio.
Over a span of 9 months, it has increased from under 10,000 to almost 100,000 per day, with this number continually going up.
The EasyGov team is working with several State Governments and is motivated to impact the lives of each citizen of the country.
Suvidha, a white-labeled platform of EasyGov for the Government of Karnataka, is a true reflection of all the capabilities of the EasyGov platform.
Suvidha incorporates a rule-based Surajya Services Limited (formerly known as Surajya Services Private Limited) (Website: || Email: || Tel.
+91-11-35531773) engine that assists in discovering eligible citizens, verifying beneficiaries in real-time, determining and assigning need scores, identifying errors of exclusion & inclusion, processing applications alongside an analytics dashboard for the department users.
Suvidha supports integrations with the Kutumba (family database) to verify user data, Aadhaar for KYC, DigiLocker for document verification, DBT for welfare payments, and eSign for application submission by citizens and approval by the Government users.
Suvidha is available on Google PlayStore and the web in Kannada and English with over 300 schemes and services.
‘Jagrut Tripura’ is another white-labeled platform of EasyGov that went live in Tripura in March this year and is helping citizens discover relevant social welfare schemes.
Innovative technology-led initiatives such as Jagrut Tripura have tremendous scope in India to enhance the citizen experience and support the Government in better utilization of over 10 Lac Crore rupees expenditure on welfare programs.
The EasyGov product, when deployed across governments, aims to not only enhance digital innovation and adoption in India but also provide a comprehensive yet modest way to uplift marginalized communities through social protection.
EasyGov platform envisions to realise its potential under the AtmaNirbhar Bharat initiative, which encourages the creation of world-class platforms within the country that are at par with those globally .