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Darkness added to blindness made life pathetic

Bhubaneswar(04/12/2021): Paramananda Panda and his sister Dr Manjulata Panda, both are 100 percent blind.
They lost their father in the year 2014.
He died on retirement from the Rerolling Mill, Hirakud as an assistant manager, electrical. Paramananda is an assistant teacher at Hirakud Nodal Primary School and Dr Manjulata works as lecturer at Hirakud Degree College in Sambalpur district despite of their blindness.
There is no male person other than Premananda in his family.
He has been allotted a government quarter and given possession from June 2010.
However, the electrical department refused to make him a consumer over a period of ten years.
All the electricity bills were paid in the name of one Malati Swain who occupied that quarter upto May 31, 20210.
Now, the electrical department charged Rs 1 lakh 79 thousand arrear electrical dues from Paramananda Panda starting from November 2009, even at that time he was not allotted the quarter.
Owing to damage of the earlier quarter (F 35/7), a new government quarter bearing number F 36/7 was allotted by the Hirakud Dam authorities in the name of Premananda.
Now, the electrical department is refusing to give a new connection to the residence of Premananda Panda, if the bills of Malati Swain are not cleared.
Malati Swain is a stranger.
Her whereabouts are not known to Premananda.
But these blind persons are living in darkness.
There are a number of schemes being run in the name of empowerment of persons with disabilities, but darkness has been added to blindness in the real life of Premananda and Dr Manjulata. Dr Manjulata said, “We demand immediate intervention of Odisha Chief Minister to prevent them from hardship and any untoward situation created due to the man-made crisis.” .