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Biohacker & Book Author Honey Singh launches Biohacking Secrets

New Delhi(25/08/2020): Chief Executive Officer, at #ARM Worldwide, Biohacker & Book Author Honey Singh has come up with Volume Book 1 of Biohacking Secrets: A guide to biohack mind, sleep, metabolism, and body. Singh has brought his decade of dynamic experience and business knowledge in the book that talks about the concept of biohacking. In recent times, biohacking has emerged as a popular concept among many people. Following the tips and suggestions mentioned in the book helps people to get positive changes in their health and overall well-being. The book delves further into how one can be constantly aware and informed about what works for the body and mind and what doesn't. By learning how to Biohack oneself with the help of Music, Food & Sleep, Singh helps the readers get a larger picture of understanding the body better to lead a healthy life. The book will focus on interesting biohacks to do biohacking, which includes Listening to brainwaves, staying away from inflammatory foods, having a sleep log, following a gluten-free diet, understanding more about intermittent fasting, moving around as much as possible, avoiding sugar intake, hot and cold biohacking and others. Check out for more details.
You can also avail of the Kindle edition on Amazon here at just Rs.99. Dobiohacking is a publication based on practical DIY tips for enhancing self.
The group is focused on more distinct methods and guides to biohack mind, sleep, metabolism, and body.
Singh has a strategic business consulting acumen and has delivered creative insight-driven consultancy for Fortune 500 companies & start-ups. .