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Axis Bank redefines conventional employment, launches GIG-A-Opportunities

Meerut (21/08/2020: Axis Bank, India’s third largest Bank, on Friday announced the launch of GIG-A Opportunities, a platform for alternate work models that encourage greater flexibility, diversity and inclusivity. With technology breaking down physical boundaries, the ongoing pandemic has only accelerated people’s inclination to create their own work environment outsideall physical constraints.
Both, work and the workplace have been compelled to undergo rapid transformation over the past few months.
Axis Bank’s ‘GIG-A-Opportunities’ is the answer to the challenge of having an integrated work model & solution that addresses the varied skill requirements of a large corporate,while meeting the need of flexibility and ease for a growing pool of untapped talent. ‘GIG-A-Opportunities, as the name suggests, is pegged for large opportunities in the job market.
Itwill open up large prospects in digital banking, technology, risk modeling, virtual sales, audit and credit policy, which are the first set of pilot offers for the model.
It will attract talent through two work models –1) 100% virtual roles and 2) flexible, project based short term contracts.
These jobs offered go beyond the traditional association of freelance or work from home.
Commenting on the initiative, S.Ramodarai Chairman, TISS and Chairman, Axis Bank Foundation, said ‘GIG-A-Opportunities is a great platform which clearly is the direction of Future of Work.
Axis Bank taking the lead is very welcome.
The option to work from home and flexibility to define ones capabilities will unearth a lot of hidden talent for the future including gender balance and inclusivity’ This innovative platform would make it possible to ‘work from anywhere’, while ensuring flexibility and ease of operations for skilled specialists.
Therefore, it will invariably access a much larger talent pool that is spread across the country, including smaller cities and towns, and also open up the possibility of cross border associations.
This presents a great opportunity to ensure no talent in India is left behind and the educated, skilled young population can prosper from any geography.
Diversity & inclusion will get a huge boost as access to different talent pools open up, with the benefit of welcoming traditionally overlooked candidates such as women with home obligations, differently-abled, alternate age profiles etc.
RajkamalVempati, EVP& Head – HR, Axis Bank,said, “As a culture, Axis Bank has always believed in remaining agile and our hiring approach over the years has reflected the change in times.
Embracing GIG-A is yet another way to showcase ourbank’s adaptability to modern times - we recognize that static criteria like qualifications or degrees can no longer be the calling card for hiring and that the pivot will be on creating associations based on skills.
We are quietly confident that this will be a path-breaking initiative in the industry whereby skilled workforce, across geographies, will find employment opportunities.” Axis Bank hopes to have up to 15% of incremental hiring in alternate work models over the next three years, and leverage this to drive increased diversity in the talent pool.
To apply for the GIG-A jobs at Axis, visit: .