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Amway India partners with Deepalaya Children’s Home to help & empower communities through COVID-19

Hisar(20/08/2020): Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies, continues to mobilize efforts to support vulnerable communities in the areas of health, hygiene, safety, education and skill development.
In line with its commitment to helping people live better, healthier lives, Amway India has been constantly exploring ways and means to support the communities and has further intensified its efforts to provide them assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As maintaining safety and hygiene are of utmost importance during the pandemic and hence Amway India has conducted sanitization and disinfection drive in the premises of 12 NGO partners across India, nine Aanganwadi centers under the Power of Five nutrition and education program in Delhi, 15 villages in Dindigul district to reduce the levels of microbiological contamination.
The drive covered an approximate area of 1,30,000 sq.ft.benefiting the lives of more than 3000 less privileged children and adults.
In, Haryana the sanitization drive was done at Deepalaya Childrens’ home at Village Gusbethi, Block Tavru, Haryana, covering 13,000 sq.ft.area of their premises.
Commenting on the initiatives, RM, Amway India, said, “Amway India has always been committed to supporting the community by coming forward in the face of adversity.
These testing times are not just a trial of our strength and resilience, but also an opportunity for us to demonstrate the might of collective effort.
We continue to be inspired by the humanity and strength of our communities and are grateful for their continued support to the vulnerable sections of our society in line with our purpose of helping people live better, healthier lives.” During the unprecedented lock-down period, conforming to the norms of social distancing, Amway India stepped up its efforts by supporting its NGO partners in their initiatives towards training, education, skill development and assessments of the beneficiaries through various digital tools to ensure consistency in their learning & development.
Amway facilitated (name of the NGO) and conducted (few key activities using digital mediums) to ensure steady engagement of the less privileged children.
Commenting on the initiative, Jaswant Kaur, Executive Director, Deepalaya, said, “Our partnership with Amway India has been a fruitful one.
In these unprecedented times the support that has been extended by the Amway India family has been very uplifting for us and the beneficiaries.
The support has further motivated us to continue our work towards the benefit and upliftment of the beneficiaries.” During the current global health crisis, Amway’s Founder’s Fundamentals was reinforced by the generous voluntary contributions by Amway employees from their salaries.
Amway India also contributed INR 2.36 crores to support the country’s fight against the pandemic.
The fund entailed contributions towards PM CARES FUND, Tamil Nadu CM’s public relief fund, Kerala, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh CM’s public relief funds and support for Government’s on-ground health and sanitation services.
Additionally, the funds also provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, gowns, shoe covers, head covers, masks, respirators, and eye protection gear to public health service workers through the company’s NGO partners.
Further as part of the fight against COVID-19, Amway India also developed Persona Hand Sanitizer Gel which to support the frontline workers working for the cause of Covid 19 in India. .