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4 Technology Interventions that Helped Amazon During Prime Day 2020 in India

Bhubaneswar(14/08/2020): Amazon India organized its 2-day shopping event Prime Day on August 6 & 7, 2020 for members across the country, leading to a busier than usual time in Amazon India’s operations network.
Since the early days of the pandemic, Amazon India has been committed towards the safety of its associates, customers and partners with close to a 100 process changes across its Fulfilment Centers, Sortation Centers and Delivery stations in alignment with the guidance from local authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Here is a closer look at 4 of the many technology interventions enabled the company to deal with large volumes yet seamlessly fulfil customer promises during Prime Day in India while prioritizing the safety of its associates.
Proxemics, a CCTV-based solution enables social distancing using Artificial Intelligence at Amazon India’s Operations buildings.
Images from CCTVs placed in high density areas in Fulfilment Centers (FC), Sort Centers and Delivery Stations are captured every five minutes and processed using an image processing algorithm.
These images are filtered to identify those that have more than two persons in a frame to ensure a distance of 2m/6ft distance is maintained at all times. All individuals who enter an Amazon site, including employees, associates, contractors, business partners, or other visitors are screened at the entrance of the site.
Non-contact infrared thermometers & thermal cameras are used for scanning and temperature checks.
A thermal camera uses sensors to enable the camera to screen for elevated temperature thereby identifying anyone with a fever – a common symptom of COVID 19. Amazon India and its customers recognize the vital role played by its associates across the Amazon India fulfilment network during the pandemic.
To ensure this recognition and messages from customers acknowledging their hard work reach associates regularly, a stream of positive customer testimonials and anecdotes collected by the customer service team and from social media show up on the app used for deliveries by the delivery associates across the country.
The communication includes messages of gratitude towards the associates for their resilience and determination to offer services during these challenging times. The in-house associate application features pop-up safety messages which appear at regular intervals every day.
The technology tool was developed in a short period to communicate safety guidelines and send reminder safety messages every time an associate opens the app to perform a task.
A macro-enabled tool for managers to send bulk messages to a large number of associates has also been devised to ensure this tool is able to replace in-person gatherings and meetings.