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Joy Guaranteed Year after Year: Unmatched maintenance packages for BMW & MINI cars

Gurugram(18/06/2020): BMW Group India has further strengthened the promise of joy for customers by introducing new benefits across service / maintenance offerings.
Service Inclusive is BMW Group India’s range of transparent service packages that cover maintenance, inspection and wear-and-tear.
Repair Inclusive takes care of standard warranty extension.
A single attractive upfront payment covers an extensive range of services. Depending on their usage, BMW and MINI customers have the flexibility to select a package and portfolio at a highly attractive pre-fixed rate.
Now, they also have the choice to renew or extend their Service Inclusive package even after expiration for a period up to 15 months. Arlindo Teixeira, Acting President, BMW Group India said, “BMW Group India aftersales products and services have a simple aim – Empowering customers to enjoy the journey, mile after mile, year after year.
With Service and Repair Inclusive, our customers have complete peace of mind.
They don’t have to waste a moment thinking about the cost of maintenance or wear and tear because they know they own the best coverage for their BMW or MINI.
It’s all there with Service and Repair Inclusive: the expertise of our service specialists, the use of Original BMW Parts and the great feeling of knowing their car is in the very best of hands.
With new additional benefits, we will continue to offer the best-in-class value while our exceptional service standards will continue to create an unmatched ownership experience.” There are three Service Inclusive packages – Oil Service Inclusive, Service Inclusive Basic and Service Inclusive Plus.
The scope of services covered under each differs.
Customers can pick any one for a duration / mileage of their choice starting from 3 yrs / 40,000 kms and extend it up to 10 yrs / 200,000 kms.
The base package Oil Service Inclusive is specially designed for customer with low usage and covers only oil services of the vehicle. Service Inclusive Basic covers all regular maintenance work such as vehicle check and standard scopes, engine oil service, engine oil top-ups along with service / replacement of air filter, fuel filter, micro filter, spark plugs and brake fluid. Service Inclusive Plus goes a step further and covers replacement of wear and tear items, brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades and clutch in addition to the above. Customers can purchase Service Inclusive for their existing cars as well, where the package begins from the date of purchase and not from the Warranty start date. For customers with very high usage, service packages are available in business portfolio.
These start from 2 yrs / 200,000 kms with extension options. An important highlight of Service Inclusive is that once the validity is over, customers still have up to 15 months to renew or extend the package by just paying the differential amount.
During package run time, any part price or tax rate increase is not passed on to the customers. With benefits of Service Inclusive and Condition Based Service (CBS), cost of maintenance is reduced substantially so customers have absolute freedom to enjoy their car (Approximate cost of maintenance for BMW X1 (petrol) or BMW 3 Series (petrol) is INR 1 per kilometre only). With Repair Inclusive, the standard warranty on a vehicle can be extended even after the initial period of 24 months for unlimited mileage up to a period of 6 years.
The cost for all necessary repairs is covered within the agreed mileage / duration. In case of change of ownership, Service and Repair Inclusive are easily transferable.
Consistent maintenance by trained BMW service staff and the use of Original BMW Parts also enhances value of the car in the long run. Thanks to the car’s intelligent on-board diagnosis system, every BMW or MINI is able to monitor important electrical and electronic systems itself, logging possible faults before a problem occurs.
Condition Based Service (CBS) maintenance system continuously monitors oil levels and the degree of wear and tear on individual components using sensors, algorithms and parameters such as mileage and driving style.
Unlike the conventional and fixed service intervals, CBS determines actual need of services to make services cost effective.
The next recommended service date is displayed each time the vehicle is started which means that servicing is only carried out when it is necessary and not before.
This indication automatically begins four weeks earlier so service appointments can be planned well in advance. Periodic service campaigns are conducted across the country to ensure that a BMW / MINI is always road ready.
Fixed Price Offer enables servicing of select models with selected work packages at any authorised dealership.
This option is especially beneficial for maintenance of older vehicles at an attractive price.End of Warranty is a proactive check to initiate repairs covered under warranty before it expires.
During Seasonal checks (summer and pre-monsoon), certified service experts inspect critical areas such as brakes, lights, tyres and fan belts, using innovative technologies and original parts. Customers opting to finance their vehicle through BMW India Financial Services also enjoy the option of including the cost of Service / Repair Inclusive in the loan amount. .