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PM Modi announces 3-month treatment programme to prevent TB

Bhubaneswar(24/03/2023): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced that his government is starting a 3 months treatment programme for the prevention of Tuberculosis (TB) instead of a 6-month course.
Earlier, the patients had to take medicines for 6 months every day but now, in the new system, the patient will have to take medicine only once a week.
Addressing the One World TB Summit in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister highlighted that 2030 is the global target to eradicate TB but India is now working on the target of ending TB by the year 2025.
The PM said, “In the last nine years, India has worked together on many fronts in this fight against TB.
India has done a great job on the fight against TB through participation of people.” Stating that India’s local approach against TB has global potential, he said 80 percent of TB medicines are manufactured in India which exhibits the talent and capability of our pharma which is working for the Global Good. On the occasion, PM Modi launched various projects worth Rs 1780 crore including the TB-Mukt Panchayat initiative, official pan-India rollout of a shorter TB Preventive Treatment and family-centric care model for TB.
He also released India’s annual TB Report 2023. He distributed awards to selected States/Union Territories and Districts for their progress towards ending TB .